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  • Life of an Escrow

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  • Seller Responsibilities

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  • Buyer Responsibilities

    The buyer can generally be expected to pay for:
    • Title insurance Premium for Lender´s Policy
    • Escrow Fee (one half)
    • Document preparation (if applicable)
    • Notary Fees
    • Recording charges for all documents in buyers names
    • Termite inspection (according to contract)
    • Tax proration (from date of acquisition)
    • Homeowners transfer fee
    • All new loan charges (except those required by Lender for seller to pay) interest on new loan from date of funding to 30 days prior to first payment date Assumption/Change of Records fees for takeover of existing loan.
    • Beneficiary Statement Fee for assumption of existing loan
    • Inspection Fees (roofing, property inspection, geological, etc.)
    • City Transfer/Conveyance Tax (according to contract)
    • Fire Insurance Premium for first year

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